Jan C. Meyer

Jan Christian Meyer

Office #448, IT-vest
Email: Jan.Christian.Meyer - at - ntnu.no


TDT 4200 Parallel Computing


Publication list in Cristin


Name(s) Thesis Graduated
Hozman, Ole Ludvig Lingjærde Performance analysis of domain geometry optimizations in an LBM proxy application 2023
Brate, Frithjof Masking Communication Overhead for a Finite Difference Shallow Water Equations Solver 2023
Manne, Jenny Performance Modeling of a Finite Volume Method for the Shallow Water Equations 2022
Bachmann, Richard Performance Modeling of Finite Difference Shallow Water Equation Solvers with Variable Domain Geometry 2021
Ås, Fredrik Performance modeling of subdomain discretization techniques for SPH proxy applications 2021
Brun, Sindre Skåland Performance impact of porous media characteristics for lattice Boltzmann method 2020
Nordgaard, Sigve Sjømæling Program feature impact on the treewidth of the RVSDG IR 2020
Toft, Ola Performance Modeling of Adaptive Mesh Refinement for the Shallow Water Equations 2020
Kaldager, Andreas Comparative performance modeling of a WCSPH proxy application on GPU and CPU architectures 2019
Ragunathan, Janusa
Valstad, Jørgen
Performance modeling of CFD application scalability using co-design methods 2018