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New algorithm book

I’ve written a new book on algorithms in Python, called Python Algorithms. Why don’t you have a look?

Are you into computer science?

More particularly, information retrieval? Specifically, distance-based retrieval and metric indexing? So am I. Want to exchange ideas?

Or, perhaps, you’d like to read…

some of my stuff?

Or perhaps you have ideas for other stuff I could write? Or maybe you have comments or errata? I’m all ears.

Maybe you’re a hacker, like me?

You might want to check out some of my coding related material. Please don’t email me about cracking, though. I’m really not into that (and I get far too much email about it).

Or do you need an actor?

Or a director? Who knows — maybe I’m your guy.

If you’re looking for something…

… you’ve seen on my Web site before, but that doesn’t seem to be there now, you might want to check out the archived version, at