Since 1985 I’ve been actively involved in amateur theatre, mainly acting but occasionally also directing. In 1995-1996 I took a break from my computer science studies to study drama for a year. Below is a (possibly not quite complete) list of various other theatre-related activities I have taken part in (most plays produced by Teaterlaget i BUL i Nidaros, with quite a few taking place on Munkholmen).

Play Part/function
Annie 2019 Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks
Mio, My Son 2018 Sir Kato
Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter 2017 Mattis
An Inspector Calls 2017 Inspector Goole
Narnia 2016 Aslan, Mr. Pevensie, adult Edmund
Urinetown 2013 Caldwell B. Cladwell
The Cherry Orchard 2012 Leonid Gayev, assistant director
Oliver! 2011 Mr Bumble
The Celebration (Festen) 2010 Christian
Under Milk Wood 2009 Captain Cat
Peer Gynt (concert version) 2009 Peer Gynt
Aladdin 2009 The Narrator
Mord over ein låg sko 2009 Inspektør Bulle
Romeo and Juliet 2008 Friar Laurence
Kongens Gave 2007 Coauthor, story consultant
Risk 2007 The voice (Fuglen)
Alice in Wonderland 2007 The Mad Hatter
Closer (“Nærer”) (Plakatteateret) 2007 Larry (major part), director, producer
RENT (Teater Tralala) 2006 Tom Collins
Journey’s End (repeat performance) 2006 Second Lieutenant Hibbert
Peter Pan 2006 Mr. Darling, Captain Hook
Journey’s End 2006 Second Lieutenant Hibbert
Peer Gynt 2004 Peer Gynt
Treasure Island 2004 Long John Silver
Romeo and Juliet 2004 Montague, Friar Laurence, minor part
Leve Patagonia! (repeat performance) 2003 Schjander, minor parts
Leve Patagonia! 2003 Schjander, minor parts
Tordivelen flyr i skumringen 2002 Minor part
Twelve Angry Men (“Tolv edsvorne”) 2000 Juror number 5
Oliver! 2000 Fagin (major part)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1999 Minor part
Pappa Fellerins datter (SIT, UKA-99) 1999 Creative consultant/writer
Ninety year anniversary show, Teaterlaget i BUL 1998 Minor parts
Mowgli 1998 Baloo, assistant director
Under Klokken på Kalvskinnet 1997 Walk-on part, stagehand
Adrian Posepilt 1997 Hans Stavne (major part)
Kaperfarten 1996 Tøvis Steen (major part)
Narnia 1996 Mr. Beaver
Arinya 1996 Director, producer, playwright
Slottet Ritardandora, (SIT, UKA-95) 1995 Dramaturge, assistant director
Pinocchio 1995 Several minor parts
Gjøglernes Hamlet 1995 Director, producer, major part
Jesper Nattmann 1994 Minor part
The Witches 1994 Director, producer
Momo 1993 Beppo (major part)
Adrian Posepilt 1992 Adrian (major part)
Arsenic and Old Lace 1992 Elaine Harper
The Sword in the Stone 1991 Minor part
Kjære Landsmenn 1989 Major part
Monkey-Do 1989 Major part
Oliver! 1988 Oliver (major part)
Ildstålet 1987 Minor part
Bugsy Malone 1986 Several minor parts
Evita 1985 Several walk-on parts
Other projects
“Communication Breakdown” (recruitment video for NTNU) 2011 Engineer 1
Open rehearsal, “A Number” 2010 Salter
Voice acting, Reader Rabbit 2005 Various characters
Pilegrimer (film, preprod.) 2001 Major part
Course in method acting 1999 Participant
Several courses in acting technique 1998 Instructor
Course in improvisation at HiST 1995 Instructor
TV-series about Henry Rinnan, NRK 1995 Several walk-on parts
Course in improvisation 1994 Instructor
Course in TheatreSports™/improvisation with Tony Totino 1993 Participant
Course in TheatreSports™ 1992 Participant

In addition to the above I have a year or so of university level theatre education, and have, in connection with the various plays, worked with (and been responsible for) singing/voice technique, warm-up exercises, stagecraft/set design, props, costumes, sound, and to some small degree, lighting.