Selecting this icon will bring up the inventory window. This window contains all the 
objects you carry in the main inventory hold. Each box in the window can contain one 
object that was either found or bought. 

Selecting an object in the inventory will cause a simple descriptive text to be
displayed in the bevel text box towards the bottom of the window. Once an object is 
selected, you may then proceed to use, insert or drop that object.

Insertion of most objects can only be achieved by being physically next to a computer 
with special object access. In most cases, a message will be displayed within the 
window if an error occurred during insertion. If you are not next to a computer or 
accessible device, then the insertion gadget will be disabled.

Using an object is more commonly done with objects that have a special interface, such 
as the T.E.D. (Timed Explosive Device) or the LockPik Device. See
 Battling and Weapons . Any object that can not be used,
will bring up an error message.

Weapons Canisters (blue Canisters), and Weapon Enhancement modules (yellow Canisters)
will automatically go to your Weapons inventory when they are collected. However if
you already have that particular weapon or nine of the same enhancements, then the 
canister will then go to this main inventory hold.  Later, when there is room in the 
weapons inventory you can select any of these Canisters, and then pressing the use 
button will cause the item to be transferred to your  Weapon Inventory 
ready for use.

Personal Enhancement modules (red Canisters) also automatically go to the module area 
on you general information window unless you already have this module.

Objects can be dropped just about anywhere. If there is no space to drop the object,
then the drop gadget will be disabled. 

Note: By dropping the T.E.D., you actually activate the device and the
timer commences. Be careful...

The dashboard icon layout is  here. 

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