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 Professor Dr Jon Atle Gulla

Head of department of Computer and Information Science, NTNU

Co-leader of Web Intelligence and Semantics Laboratory


Department of Computer and Information Science

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway


Email: jag at idi.ntnu.no

Phone:  +47 73591847

Mobile: +47 91347759

Fax: +47 73594466


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Professor Gulla has been actively involved in the commercialization of research from NTNU.



LingIT was founded in 2001 and grew out of research in computational linguistics at NTNU in Trondheim.  Among the early products were a spell-checker developed by professor Torbjørn Nordgård, the Linguistic Department, and a question-answering system for Norwegian and English developed by associate professor Tore Amble, the Department of Computer and Information Science.  After Nordgård and Gulla set up the company, LingIT has become a leading  provider of computational linguistics software in Scandinavia.  From a rather modest start in 2001 LingIT has grown organically and had revenues of more than 15 million NOK in 2009.  Gulla is one of the co-founders of LingIT, was sitting on LingIT’s board until 2003, and is still one of the main shareholders of the company.


Fast Search & Transfer (now part of Yahoo!/Microsoft)

Fast Search & Transfer was established in 1997 based on almost 20 years of research on search technologies at NTNU.  Central in this process was Professor Arne Halaas and his work on hardware-based search, though it was their software-based Internet search engine, www.alltheweb.com, that gradually attracted the most attention. When FAST acquired Elexir Sprachtechnologie in Munich in 2000, Gulla was appointed Managing Director of Elexir.  His group was responsible for developing linguistic software for FAST’s Internet search engine, which was one of the world’s two largest Internet search engines at the time.  This included components for language identification, lemmatization, categorization, spam detection, phrasing and anti-phrasing, and automata.  The Internet group of FAST was sold to Overture (later Yahoo!) for 70 million USD in 2003.  The remaining part of FAST concentrated on the enterprise market and was eventually acquired by Microsoft for 1.3 billion USD in 2008.  FAST’s technology is today used both in Yahoo!’s search verticals and in Microsoft enterprise products like SharePoint.



Businesscape was founded by Atle Onsmoen-Prange, Ole Andreas Hegle, Jon Espen Ingvaldsen and Jon Atle Gulla in 2004.  The company develops process mining tools for large enterprises and complex RFID flows. Combining advanced data mining techniques and semantic technologies, the tools evaluate business processes and uncover potential bottlenecks or structural weaknesses. Even though the technology is still under development, the company had revenues of about 3 million NOK in 2009.  Professor Gulla was the chairman of Businesscape from 2004 till 2011, and he is still sitting on Businesscape’s board and is one of the four main shareholders.
































Jon Atle Gulla, 17 March 2006