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 Professor Dr Jon Atle Gulla

Head of department of Computer and Information Science, NTNU

Co-leader of Web Intelligence and Semantics Laboratory


Department of Computer and Information Science

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway


Email: jag at idi.ntnu.no

Phone:  +47 73591847

Mobile: +47 91347759

Fax: +47 73594466


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Jon Atle Gulla is the co-leader of the Web Intelligence and Semantics laboratory (WIS-Lab) at NTNU. The lab, which combines research from the Data and Information Management group and the Information Systems group, addresses important topics in databases, information retrieval, text mining and the Semantic Web.


Gulla’s research focus is on semantic enterprise technologies and enterprise engineering.  He has a multi-disciplinary approach and works in close collaboration with industry.  His research includes intelligent text mining and information retrieval, ontologies and enterprise models, enterprise architectures and systems, and the Semantic Web.  His group develops innovative methods and tools for ontology engineering and ontology-driven semantic applications. An important part of his research is the evaluation of ontologies and their applications, as well as of business processes supported by enterprise business applications.


Research projects:


·        Ubiquitous service composition for all users (UbiCompForAll): 2008-2012
StorIKT project funded by the Research Council of Norway. Consortium led by Sintef.
One PhD student and two post docs.  Total budget of approx. 3.4M Euro.
The objective is to provide technologies that enable end-users to compose service behaviors in ubiquitous service environments.  The project will provide semantic graphical composition tools for end-users and service execution platforms.

·        Information Access Disruptions (iAD): 2006-2014
Center for research-based innovation (SFI) party financed by the Research Council of Norway and led by Fast Search & Transfer.  Total budget of approx. NOK 240 million.
The objective is to t
o provide next generation schema agnostic indexing services by fusing structured, unstructured and multimedia content in precision, analytics and scale optimized information access services

·        SmartSearch: 2008-2009
Funded by Deutsche Telekom with a total budget of approx. 300K Euro. Gulla was part of the management team and coordinator for NTNU’s deliverables.
SmartSearch’s objectives were to develop an ontology learning workbench for semi-structured movie-related documents and add semantic navigation to Deutsche Telekom’s movie download service.

·        Records Management over Decades (LongRec): 2007-2010.
Funding 3 PhD students and one post doc under the VERDIKT program. Total budget of approx. 2.1M Euro. Consortium led by Det Norske Veritas.

The primary objective of the LongRec project is the persistent, reliable and trustworthy long-
term archival of digital information records with emphasis on availability and use of the information.  Ontologies are used for harmonizing data as terminologies evolve over time.

·        Cooperative Mining of Indepedent Document Repositories (COMIDOR): 2007-2011
Funding two PhD students and two postdocs under the VERDIKT program. Total budget of approx. 1.1M Euro. Gulla is part of project management team and supervising one PhD student and one postdoc.
COMIDOR’s objective is to develop new approaches to complex text mining tasks that make use of  documents that for various reasons cannot be merged before the analysis takes place.

·        Integrated Semantic Access in Situated Operations (IS_A) 2007-2011
Funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Statoil, Selvaag Bluethink and Computas under the VERDIKT program with a total budget of NOK  3.8 million.
The main objective is to enable organizations in the petroleum and construction business to run their knowledge-intensive geographically dispersed operations more efficiently by providing a semantic integrated framework for situated multi-modal knowledge access.  The project investigates ways of extending Semantic Web technologies to model the users’ entire mobile work context, including his work process and spatio-temporal coordinates. 
Jon Atle Gulla is the project leader and the supervisor of one PhD student and one post doc.

·        Database Support for Computational Science Applications (DASCOSA): 2007-2010
Funding one PhD student and one postdoc under the eVITA program of the Norwegian Research Council. Budget of approx. 400K Euro.
This project uses the peer-to-peer paradigm to develop a Grid DBMS infrastructure for eScience solutions. Jon Atle Gulla is a member of the project management team.

·        Integrated Operations Center (IO center) 2006-2014
Full name: Center for e-field and integrated operations for the petroleum industry
Center for research-based innovation financed by the Research Council of Norway, the petroleum industry, SINTEF; IFE, and NTNU with a total budget of NOK 40 million.
The objective is to develop new knowledge, methods, tools and educational programs to promote a leap in next generation integrated operations solutions for the upstream petroleum activities.  This shall lead to improved overall efficiency, better safety and enhanced environmental standards.  The IO center shall be a key contributor to the value creation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and to the international operations of the industrial partners.  The center has separate programs for drilling and well construction, reservoir management and production optimization, operations and maintenance, and integration across disciplines.  Semantic web technologies and ontologies form the core technologies for integration and interoperability issues.

·        Integrated Information Platform (IIP) 2004-2007
Full name:  Integrated Information Platform for Reservoir and Subsea Production Systems
Funded by the Norwegian Research Council (PETROMAX program). Reference no. 163457/S30.  Partners: Det Norske Veritas, Statoil, Norsk Hydro, Cap Gemini, Poseidon, OLF, FMC Technologies, National Oilwell Varco, OilCamp, POSC and NTNU.  Budget: NOK 24 million.
IIP has the long-term objective of increasing petroleum production from subsea systems by making accessible high quality real-time information for decision support in operation centers onshore.  It addresses the need for a common understanding of terms and structures in the subsea petroleum industry.  The objective is to ease the integration of data and processes across phases and disciplines by providing a comprehensive unambiguous and well accepted terminology standard that lends itself to machine-processable interpretation and reasoning. This ontology standard is represented in OWL, and ontology-driven applications for intelligent search, rule-based notification and 3D visualization are also developed.
Jon Atle Gulla is coordinating the semantic web research carried out at NTNU and supervising one PhD student and one post doc.

·        Deep Thought 2002-2004
Full name:  Hybrid Deep and Shallow Methods for Knowledge-intensive Information Extraction
Funded under the 5th framework program for the European Commission. Contract reference IST-2001-37836. Partners: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Saarland University, Stanford University, Sussex University, Cambridge University, XtraMind Technologies GmbH, CELI srl.
Deep Thought aimed to demonstrate the potential of deep semantic processing if combined with shallow methods in the field of Information Extraction.  NTNU developed a grammar for Norwegian hike descriptions and implemented a prototype that analyzed hike descriptions semantically and allowed users to search for hikes based on simple descriptions.





Semantic Days conference in Stavanger, 26-27 April 2006.  From left:  Eero Hyvönen, Mills Davis, Eric Miller, Deborah McGuinness, Nigel Shadbolt, Jon Atle Gulla, Roar Fjellheim, Thore Langeland, and Tore Christiansen





Jon Atle Gulla, 17 March 2006