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Publications of Lasse Natvig

Experimental Validation of Learning Effect for a Pedagogical Game on Computer Fundamentals
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Education, Guttorm Sindre, Lasse Natvig, and Magnus Jahre.
A Compulsory yet Motivating Question/Answer Game to Teach Computer Fundamentals
In Computer Applications in Engineering Education, forthcoming, Lasse Natvig, Guttorm Sindre and Asbjørn Djupdal.
Towards an Intelligent Environment for Programming Multi-core Computing Systems
Sabri Pllana, Siegfried Benkner, Eduard Mehofer, Lasse Natvig, and Fatos Xhafa., In proceedings of HPPC 2008.
Low-Cost Open-Page Prefetch Scheduling in Chip Multiprocessors
Marius Grannæs, Magnus Jahre and Lasse Natvig, to appear in Proceedings of ICCD-2008.
Dynamic Parameter Tuning for Hardware Prefetching Using Shadow Tagging
Marius Grannæs and Lasse Natvig, in Proceedings of CMP-MSI: 2nd Workshop on Chip Multiprocessor Memory Systems and Interconnects, Bejing 2008.
Low-Cost Open-Page Prefetch Scheduling in Chip Multiprocessors
Marius Grannæs and Lasse Natvig, Poster at ACACES Summer school, HiPEAC, Italy, July 2008
Performance Effects of a Cache Miss Handling Architecture in a Multi-core Processor
Magnus Jahre and Lasse Natvig, NIK 2007: Norwegian Informatics Conference, 2007.
A Cache-Partitioning Aware Replacement Policy for Chip Multiprocessors
Haakon Dybdahl, Per Stenström, and Lasse Natvig, in Proceedings of 13'th Int'l Conf. of High Performance Computing (HiPC), 2006.
Master-Slave Tasking on Asymmetric Networks
Cyril Banino, Lasse Natvig and Olivier Beaumont, In Proceedings of Euro-Par 2006, pages 167-176, 2006.
An LRU-based Replacement Algorithm Augmented with Frequency of Access in Shared Chip-Multiprocessor Caches
Haakon Dybdahl, Per Stenström, and Lasse Natvig, in Computer Architecture News, 2006.
Destructive-Read in Embedded DRAM, Impact on Power Consumption
Haakon Dybdahl, Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg, Marius Grannæs, and Lasse Natvig, Journal of Embedded Computing, 2006.
Cache Write-Back Schemes for Embedded Destructive-Read DRAM
Haakon Dybdahl, Marius Grannæs, and Lasse Natvig, Lecture Notes in Computer Science no 3894, pages 145-159, 2006.
Age of computers II - an improved system for game based teaching
Asbjørn Djupdal and Lasse Natvig, Norsk Informatikk Konferanse 2004, Stavanger. [PDF]
Age of Computers: An Innovative Combination of History and Computer Game Elements for Teaching Computer Fundamentals
Lasse Natvig, Steinar Line and Asbjørn Djupdal, in Proceedings of The 2004 Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2004), Savannah, Georgia, 20-23 October 2004. [PDF]
Age of Computers - Game-Based Teaching of Computer Fundamentals
Lasse Natvig and Steinar Line, In Proceedings of The 9th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, Leeds 28-30 June 2004. [PDF]
Computer Systems, Position Paper for InfoSam2020
Kjetil Nørvåg, Lasse Natvig et.al., in Infosam2020, Information Society of 2020, Trondheim, Norway: NTNU 2004. 140 s. Part 1, Enabling technology / Basic ICT infrastructure, pages 41-47.
Experience from a New Course on Digital Logic and Computer Fundamentals at NTNU
Lasse Natvig and Tormod Njølstad, in Norsk Informatikk Konferanse (Norwegian Informatics Conference) November 2001, pages 110-116. [PDF]
Simulating Parallel Architectures with BSPlab
Lasse Natvig, in Proceedings of Int'l conf. on High-Performance Computing and Networking, HPCN 2001, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS 2110), june 2001, pages 547-550.
Experience from a 450 Students/Year Course on Digital Logic and Computer Fundamentals using FPGAs and microcontrollers
Tormod Njølstad and Lasse Natvig, In Proceedings of 2001 Int'l conf. on Microelectronic Systems Education, June 2001, pages 18-19. [abstract]
Computational Models for Parallel Computing and BSPlab
Lasse Natvig, Technical Report no. 2/98, 19 january 1998, 16 pages Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI), NTNU. [ps]or [PDF]
A Multilevel Simulation Study Linking Parallel Applications to Executable and Realisable Hardware Models
Lasse Natvig and Pauline Haddow, Norsk Informatikk konferanse 1997, (NIK97), pages 303-314. [ps] [pdf]
A Case Study in Multilevel Architecture Modelling using HDLs
Pauline Haddow and Lasse Natvig, In proceedings from the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Hardware Description Languages (APCHDL'97), pages 24-31. [ps or PDF]
High-level Architectural Simulation of the Torus Routing Chip
Lasse Natvig, In Proceedings of 6'th Int'l Verilog HDL Conference (IVC97), Santa Clara, April 1997, pages 48-55. [ps or PDF]
General-Purpose Parallel Programming on the PRAM Model
Lasse Natvig, Abstract Machine Models for Highly Parallel Computers, Oxford Science Publications, 1995. Chap. 4, page 64-82.
Why Computational Science and Engineering Should be of Interest to Computer Scientists
Lasse Natvig, Norsk Informatikk konferanse 1994, (NIK94), pages 195-205. [Abstract, and postscript] [PDF]
Compile and Runtime Padding: An Approach to Realising Synchronous MIMD Execution
Lasse Natvig, IFIP World Computer Congress, Track 4: Theoretical Foundations of Computing, IFIP Transactions A-51, Volume I, page 553-558, Hamburg, Aug 1994. Slides from presentation in postscript
Evaluating Parallel Algorithms: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
Lasse Natvig, Dr.Ing. thesis, 1990, Department of Computer Systems and Telematics, The Norwegian Institute of Technology, The University of Trondheim, Norway, 256 pages. [PDF]
Logarithmic Time Cost Optimal Parallel Sorting is Not Yet Fast in Practice!
Lasse Natvig, Proceedings of SUPERCOMPUTING-90 (IEEE og ACM), NewYork, November 1990, pages 486-494. [ps] [pdf]
Investigating the Practical Value of Cole's O(log n) time CREW PRAM Merge Sort Algorithm
Lasse Natvig, Proceedings of Fifth International Symposium on Information and Computer Sciences (ISCIS V), Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Turkey, pages 627-636, Oct/Nov.1990. [ps]
Comparison of Some Highly Parallel Sorting Algorithms With a Simple Sequential Algorithm
Lasse Natvig, In Proceedings of Norsk Informatikk Konferanse (Norwegian Informatics Conference), Stavanger, November 1989, pages 35-49.

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