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Keith Downing's Main Publications


Artificial Life


Downing, K. (2012). Heterochronous Neural Baldwinism. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems (ALife 13), , East Lansing, MI, pp. 37-44. pdf

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Computational Neuroscience


Downing, K. (2012). Neural Predictive Mechanisms and their Role in Cognitive Incrementalism. New Ideas in Psychology , to appear. pdf

Downing, K. (2009). Predictive models in the brain Connection Science , 21(1), pp. 39-74. pdf

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Evolutionary Computation


Downing, K. (2005). Tantrix: A minute to learn, 100 (genetic algorithm) generations to master. Genetic Programming & Evolvable Machines, 6(4), pp. 381-406. pdf

Downing, K. (2001). Reinforced Genetic Programming. Genetic Programming & Evolvable Machines, 2(3), pp. 259-288. pdf

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Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence (GOFAI)


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Environmental Modelling


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