Index of Related Editor Topics.

	Welcome to the Breed guide. This guide file contains 
step by step instructions, on how to use the editors included.
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 Topics Include:

	Starting Up:

		Starting up, to test the example level

		Making a Clean Slate


		Draw Floor/Ceiling Graphics

		Convert Floor/Ceiling Graphics

		Incorporate Floor/Ceiling Gfx for use

		Define Floor Damage

		Set Level Floor/Ceiling Graphics

		Set Level Floor/Ceiling Heights


		Draw and Convert Wall Graphics

		Incorporate Wall Gfx for use

		Set Level Wall Graphics


		Note: Textures, in this context, are used for Vector 
                      objects only. Make note. Includes Vector Aliens, etc.

		Draw Texture Graphics

		Convert Texture Graphics

		Incorporate Texture Graphics for use


		Defining Objects

		Incorporating Vector Objects for use

		Incorporating Objects for use

		Note: The link just below talks about the Anim select, which
                      is done from the gamelinker program.

		Using Animation screen, for selecting Bitmap object Anims

		Add Objects to your levels


		Change Floor/Ceiling Lighting in Levels


		Obvious Note: Of course, Aliens don't have to BE aliens. The
                              term is given to any robot or live creature, in
                              the game.

 		Defining Aliens for the game

		Defining Alien Animations

		Adding Aliens to your Levels

		Placing Control Points for your Aliens tracking paths


		Defining the Player(s)' Appearance


		Defining Bullets or fast flying objects (Blood anyone?)

		Define Player Guns


		Adding Doors and Lifts to Levels


		Adding Teleports to the levels


		Incorporating Sound into the levels


		Starting a New Level

		Saving the Level

		Making Good and Challenging (And devious) Levels


		Note: At the time of this writing. This feature is/was not
                      available for edit. Andy states that you may look for
                      future Breed patch(es). One of them, perhaps, to set 
                      this feature active.

		Change the Global Palette


		Other Remarks

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